R7 Black Doorbell Button

R7 Black Doorbell Button

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Modern and Minimalist Anodized Aluminum Doorbell Design. 

4mm. thickness.

Measures 35mm x 80mm x 4mm (1.37” x 3.14” x 5/32”)

Replaces regular 12 volt wired pushbutton.

The R7 Black Doorbell button by Modern Stainless Hardware has a clean, minimalist design with an anodized aluminum finish. Its 4mm thickness makes it more substantial than similar products on the market. The hidden mounting system allows for mounting on any surface without any visible screws. Comes with a non-lighted stainless steel 12 volt wired pushbutton to connect to your existing wiring. Engineered in the USA. Manufactured in China.

Please click on the link below for installation template and instructions:

R7 Doorbell Installation template and Guide

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